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Happyness 100

on February 8, 2013

A few days back, I was sulking, bitter, and lonely. The phone conversations were not at all assuring. The long distance thing is already taking its toll. We had to do something about it and quitting is not an option.

So we made a decision along with a prayer to make each other happy from far away.

How many times were we given opportunities to be happy and how many times have we robbed ourselves of it?

Oftentimes I have allowed myself to be bitter because I am anxious about the future or hung-up on the past.

When I get myself to ask that question, the past and the future become a haze and the present becomes perfect.

It’s like looking through my camera’s lens. I adjust the focus, I see the beauty. Everything else is blurred to insignificance.

In case you ask, the conversations are happy once again.

Thanks for sitting in!

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