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Reading 101.1

on February 8, 2013

In my previous log, i have shared with you
techniques on maximizing a book that you read.

(By the way, those apply to self-help books,
and not your college text books. :p )

I really haven’t shared yet, how you know it’s
the right one for you.

There’s every book that matches every situation,
and every personality. Make sure the book you
are reading is not wasting your time.

I don’t have a regular shopping schedule for books.
Usually, I have a question in my mind that I allow
to sit for a while. Then, I wait for an answer.
Which I get in a form of an experience, person, or

Finding books for me is like accidentally talking
to somebody and later realize that what he/she
said was the answer I needed to hear.

What about you? How do you choose/ find the books you

Thanks for sitting in!

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