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Reading 101

on February 8, 2013

One of the advantages of being a student of life is I can choose my teachers (or can I)? I don’t have to see my teachers face to face, and they don’t have to be alive either.

Over the years I have learned of a technique so I can learn as much as I can from the book I am reading:

1. LOOK FOR CHEMISTRY –  Books, just like teachers are supposed to appear when the student is ready. When nothing clicks, we need to set the book aside. Otherwise, reading will only be a waste of time

2. TAKE SMALL BITES – Food and books are similar in one aspect – they need to be digested so our bodies / mind can be nourished. Read only one chapter per day or per week. We need to give our mind time to process the learning, question the ideas, and possibly form a conclusion.

3. EXERCISE REGULARLY – Not just our body, but the knowledge we have built inside the mind. Just like muscles, knowledge not put to good use easily fade away. We need to practice and apply what we learn.

4. SHARE – The best way to remember and to learn more is to share what we read.

Do you have other helpful tips? I’ll be happy to learn from you.

Thanks for sitting in. 🙂


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