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Teachers Teach

on February 15, 2013

Teachers can be very confusing sometimes:

Some say that you can’t give what you don’t have; others say that in order to get what you want to have, you need to give it first.

Some say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks; others say it’s never too late for anything.

Some say that good things come to those who wait; others say that the early bird catches the worm.

Some say that if you love someone set him/ her free; others say fight for love.

Some say that you can’t send ducks to eagle school; others say there’s a jewel in everyone.

Some say that to succeed is to persevere; others say that success is elusive when chased.

Some say that it is good to dream big dreams; others say that dreaming big means falling hard.

Some say diversify; others say specialize.

Some say that the winner takes it all; others say having fun is more important than winning.

Some say use your mind; others say follow your heart.

Some say an eye for an eye; others say turn the other cheek.

Some say fake it til you make it; others say don’t let your ego write checks that your body can’t cash.

Some say the pen is mightier than the sword; others say action speak louder than words.

Some say do it right the first time; others say it is OK to make mistakes.

Some are just good in saying; others are not good in acting.

Those who know, speak not; and those who speak, knows not.

—— Any thoughts? Thanks for sitting in!

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