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on February 19, 2013

Some people will just pass by, to give us priceless precious moments, teach a lesson, make us feel needed, inspire us, nudge us in the right direction, or just simply become a positive distraction and make us happy.

Whatever the reason, I’d like to believe that person is an answer to a quiet prayer.

Maybe each of us is meant to be ragpickers for another, coming suddenly and leaving as swiftly like a cool gentle wind at noon, when the sun is high and the air is hot.

When somebody goes “in absentia” I’d like to think it’s mission accomplished for both people.

Ultimately we are just a speck of dust in this earth.

And we are given a lifetime to have a chance to be significant and be a mountain instead.

*Coined from Og Mandino, who is one of my favorites simply because his works came at the right time, and his life is an inspiration.

2 responses to “Ragpicker*

  1. ramblingsofabipolarwoman says:

    Love it! So true that whenever we can be a light, a rock to someone….we should, even if it’s just for that brief time. The kindness lives on forever, even after the moment has gone.

  2. vern901 says:

    ”Kindness lives on forever…” — that’s a great thought. Thanks for sharing.

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